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Truck and trailer repair

Truck Repair Services and Vehicle Inspection in Surrey

Truck repair is a necessary task that you cannot postpone because it may result in serious problems in the future. It is critical to keep a truck in good working order while transporting a large number of commodities from one city or state to another. Rough terrain, mountainous areas, nonstop driving, and other factors make it difficult for trucks and engines to drive to remote locations.
As a result, you may have a greater need for efficient truck services i.e. truck clutch repair in surrey, truck break service in Surrey, truck gear back Repair in Surrey, and also repairs by an expert that handles all of the truck's jobs. M&S TRUCK REPAIR LTD takes over and assists you in keeping your vehicle fleet functioning smoothly. Finding the correct vehicle repair and maintenance service is usually a smart idea, because prevention is always better than cure. If a tiny issue in the truck engine is ignored for an extended period, it might cause serious harm. When transporting items to another location, you may have unexpected downtime, engine breakdowns, and other issues that render you useless and cause you to miss the deadline. A vehicle failure might result in a major, life-threatening accident; therefore, it is best to perform a basic truck repair before taking public transportation to avoid difficulties.

Employment and the economy

The supply chain relies significantly on road transportation, which is the backbone of the Canadian economy. Without truckers, you would not be able to get gas, raw materials, groceries, or any other commodity you can think of.

Not only that, but it also results in the creation of thousands of jobs. Flexible work hours, decent compensation, and being a part of an ever-growing business are all benefits of a career in trucking. Is there anything else you require?

2. Truck Gear Back Repair and Help

For people who operate their own company trucks, trucking services are also necessary. Unexpected events occur frequently on the street. A minor mishap, a flat tire, or an engine problem could require you to towed, whether you are driving a dump truck or a flatbed.

Because of their durability, regional trucking services are a smart choice. The last thing you want to do is stand outside in the cold for hours on end, slowly losing your customer's patience.

Trucks can also damage over time, particularly if they are driven in freezing temperatures. After one of these collisions, truck body repairs are ideal for anything as minor as a scratch to something as major as a dent. Not to add, truck fuel injection service a professional brand and image requires keeping your truck clean.

3. Heavy Vehicle Diagnostics

Whether you are looking for a full vehicle or just a few truck parts, you have come to the right place.

The truck diagnostics process is one of the numerous advantages of purchasing a used truck from a transportation service. As a result, you may rest assured that you will receive a fully functional, road-ready product.

M&S TRUCK REPAIR LTD carries a wide range of rest of the organization. Do not worry if this is your first time driving. They will also assist you in locating the correct item for your truck model. Fleet management and maintenance programs, engine cylinder head, maintenance and overhaul, maintenance, maintenance and repairs of heavy to light vehicles, repair of trucks, buses, trailers, and diesel vehicles of heavy service are some of the greatest items they offer.


If you have observed screeching noises, increased vibrations, or difficult gear changes while driving, your truck is probably in need of some tweaking.

M&S TRUCK REPAIR LTD., a famous full-service truck repair business in Surry BC, understands that having your truck maintained on a regular basis is the best approach to save downtime and avoid needless and costly repairs. Our expert mechanics go over five warning indications that your truck needs emergency care.

1) Lights on the indicator

If a little icon appears on the dashboard of your truck, it is there for a reason. From low tyre pressure to transmission failure, warning lights indicate a potential problem with a vehicle system or component. It is essential to have your truck inspected as soon as possible to avoid problems from worsening.

2) Noises: that do not make sense

Whining under the hood, a stronger rumble from the exhaust, creaking gears, and screaming brakes. Listen attentively if your truck is producing weird noises. Problems must not be left on the side of the road. You need your Truck diagnostics.

3) Vibrations that are higher

If the steering wheel vibrates beneath your grip or the entire vehicle shakes when the speedometer increases, your truck should be inspected for damage or more serious mechanical issues. Any major vibration that is not produced by a bumpy road should raise an alarm. This could signal a variety of issues, from damaged or imbalanced tires to steering or suspension system issues.

4) Gear changes that are abrupt or unexpected

Shifting must be smooth, consistent, and efficient, particularly if your truck has an automatic transmission. Your transmission, on the other hand, requires care if your truck has problems upshifting while accelerating, or if you are shifting or downshifting intermittently. Fluids and parts in your transmission need to be replaced from time to time because they are subjected to a lot of wear.

5) Losses

Finally, if you notice spots or stains on the floor after your truck has been parked for some time, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. Dark red/brown stains indicate a leak in transmission oil, engine oil, or braking fluid, whereas light green fluid indicates a leak in the radiator coolant, which keeps the engine running at the proper temperature.

5. Your Preferred Full-Services of Truck differential rebuilt, rebuilding, Repair

Diagnosing and repairing a minor issue can help you avoid more costly repairs down the road. We service and repair practically all types of commercial vehicles, regardless of make or model, at M&S TRUCK REPAIR LTD in Surrey BC.

We can get you back on the road quickly thanks to our extensive inventory of truck components. We provide roadside help in the Surrey BC.


Breakdowns on the road can be extremely inconvenient. Finding a service facility on location is extremely difficult, which delays the delivery of the cargo carried in the truck and puts the driver's safety in jeopardy. Even the most well maintained truck can fail. An overheating engine or a puncture are two possible causes. This is where the value of roadside help is realized.

M&S TRUCK REPAIR LTD is always ready to help with towing and roadside assistance for trucks. In Surrey, British Columbia, we offer our services.


It is critical not to become panicked if your truck breaks down. While you wait for breakdown assistance, you can safeguard yourself and your truck. To keep safe, follow these guidelines:

1. Get off the sidewalk.

If you have an issue with the truck, find a safe spot to halt. It is best to park on the shoulder or in an open place away from traffic. Because other cars may not be able to dodge your truck, this is necessary. The truck's removal off the road also reduces the likelihood of an accident.

2. Make yourself known.

When the vehicle is parked, make sure it is visible to other drivers. Turn on your warning lights as well as your parking lights. Also, place red warning signs near the truck and lift the hood. These precautions alert other drivers to your presence and help our roadside assistance team discover you.

3. Make a call for roadside assistance.

As soon as possible, contact us for roadside help. Tell us about your current circumstances and supply us with any relevant facts. Our professionals will arrive with all of the required equipment to repair or tow your truck. Make sure you have our phone number and policy information handy in case you need assistance right away.

Always expect expert assistance and never attempt to stop other vehicles or seek assistance from anyone. Our skilled crew will get you back on the road in a safe and timely manner.

4. Exit the vehicle with carefully.

When getting out of the truck, be cautious. To avoid traffic, it is advisable to exit by the passenger door. If you feel unsafe, stay put. Stay inside and fasten your seatbelt instead. If the engine begins to smoke, look truck fuel injection service for drive as far as possible before calling.

5. Stay off the highway.

When a vehicle breaks down on the road, caught in passing traffic is a major issue. Keep off the major thoroughfare. Standing near a truck with moving vehicles can be dangerous. For safety concerns, stay behind the barrier if at all feasible.


M&S TRUCK REPAIR LTD., Surrey BC's most reliable and inexpensive truck repair and inspection facility, has a state-of-the-art workshop and 18 years of experience and knowledge to provide the best treatment for your vehicle and trailer. In Surrey, BC, we provide high-quality labor as well as the most durable and cost-effective truck, trailer, and other heavy vehicle repairs and inspections! M & S Truck Repair Ltd. has developed from humble beginnings to become Surrey's most trusted commercial vehicle repairer, with a fully equipped repair facility that can handle up to 15 simultaneous repair tasks.

We have vast repair services for our clients.

1. Truck clutch repair

The vehicle's suspension and shock absorbers deteriorate with time, resulting in acute or chronic damage. Avoid the latter at all costs, since it may result in your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Contact M&S Truck Repairs right away if you find yourself in this scenario. In Surrey, British Columbia, we offer competitive prices and excellent service and repairs for clutches brakes, transmissions, cooling, and suspension systems.

Here are a few telltale signs that your vehicles need Truck clutch repair, Truck brake service, Truck gear back repair, and suspension systems need to inspect.

  • When your vehicle begins to recover after each bump in the road.
  • When the car begins to turn and cross the road. It could also indicate that the alignment is incorrect.
  • When the car drives ahead automatically after braking. The braking capacity of a vehicle can be severely harmed by a worn suspension and brake system.
  • When the vehicle's undercarriage appears to be oily, greasy, and leaking.

  • Therefore, you do not feel like a stranger in a franchise business, we provide personalized and courteous services. We explain everything that needs to be done in simple terms so that you understand what is going on with your vehicle. If you are unable to bring your own vehicle, we will provide you our services

    2. Brake Drum Machining

    The brakes on your vehicle will wear down at some point. The effects of this damage may not be apparent right away, but they may appear over months or years. This is particularly true in the case of truck brake drums. If the brakes are not repaired as soon as feasible, the persistent pressure on the drum will wear it down and cause irreparable damage.

    By inspecting your vehicle on a regular basis, you can easily save the additional cost of buying new brakes. In Surrey, BC, our team of experts offers the best brake drum machining. The surface of brake drums is checked, evaluated, and renewed at M&S Truck Repairs. This ensures that friction is keep to an absolute minimum.

    3. Fuel Injection Service

    Many aspects of your truck are likely unfamiliar to you. Without the necessary knowledge, maintaining a truck is challenging. The fuel injector is one of those components that, if not maintained properly, can create a slew of issues. Our Surrey, British Columbia fuel injection service guarantees that the part is inspected, fixed, and any issues are remedied.

    Due to the accumulation of grease, wax, and other pollutants, the injector will become clogged and unclean over time when the vehicle is utilized regularly. As a result, the vehicle malfunctions, accelerates slowly, and consumes less fuel. It can potentially result in major issues such as overheating or kickback.

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Truck and trailer repair
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Truck and trailer repair
Truck brake service
Truck gear back repair
Brake drum machining
Truck differential rebuilt, rebuilding, repair